pad-edGHS Strings, a manufacturer of musical instrument strings has partnered with SilverFrog to design and develop a new responsive website with CMS capabilities.

pad-edHammerHead LLC, a manufacturer of musical instrument products has turned to SilverFrog to help launch the company's products through new brand development.



4.13 | Graphic Design USA Award
SilverFrog received a 2013 American Web Design Award for the re-design & development of Musitek's 2013 Corporate Website.

6.12 | Graphic Design USA Award
SilverFrog received a 2012 American Web Design Award for the design of ESP's 2012 Corporate Website.

Simply, Good Design...

Dave Ruhr and Azar Jahangiri are a husband-and-wife design team otherwise known as SilverFrog. Since we opened up shop 14 years ago, we have received over 30 national and international design awards. We believe our success over the long run is due to our single-minded commitment: to provide clients with design solutions that meet or exceed their expectations.

We realize there has been a shift away from the rigid mindset of big-budget design houses towards smaller firms who place client satisfaction over book-to-bill turnover. When you speak with us, you are speaking with the designers themselves, not to an account executive. Our goal is to deliver world-class design solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Today's marketplace expects no less. And you should expect no less.

For your next print, branding or web-based project, partner with SilverFrog. Jump on board and we'll take a new leap towards better design together.